Leftist Stacey Abrams rips Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as ‘not defending the right of voters’


It appears that leftist Stacey Abrams is tough to please — even if you’re the apparent new darling of the Democrats.

You see, Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger defended the results of his state’s presidential election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden — and just days ago said he was glad a controversial phone recording between him and President Donald Trump surfaced, as Raffensperger said Trump misrepresented him.

“Brad Raffensperger: he’s not some liberal. Like he’s no hero of mine,” Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen told CNN, according to Reuters. “He is a solid conservative Republican standing up to the president. That’s what makes it so significant.”

But Abrams — who lost her Georgia gubernatorial bid in 2016 and has been working hard to get out the vote in the state’s runoff election Tuesday as the Democrats try to tip the balance of the U.S. Senate — is still no fan of Raffensperger.

What are the details?

“Lionizing Brad Raffensperger’s a bit wrong-headed,” she told late-night TV host Stephen Colbert on Monday. “This man is not defending the right of voters. He’s defending an election that he ran.”

Abrams — who was scolded by a Democratic representative earlier this year for actively campaigning to be Biden’s vice presidential pick — blasted Raffensperger for his desire to place restrictions on who can vote via absentee ballot in future Georgia elections. She added that he is “not” any sort of “voting rights champion.”

“But even a broken clock is right twice a day,” Abrams added, “and it’s a good thing that he’s defending this election …”

Anything else?

It’s worth noting that Raffensperger is investigating Abrams’ group — New Georgia Project — for “repeatedly and aggressively” seeking to register “ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” ahead of Tuesday’s runoff.

Raffensperger said early last month that “we’ve had additional information coming in regarding the tactics from these groups including the New Georgia Project sending five voter registrations to the same dead person, and sending applications to ineligible voters.” He also said his family received mailers directed to his deceased son, urging him to register to vote.

Oh, and a federal judge — who happens to be Abrams’ sister — last week ordered two Georgia counties to reverse course on removing thousands of individuals from voter rolls ahead of Tuesday’s runoff election.

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Source: The Blaze

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