WATCH: Glenn Beck Reacts LIVE to Capitol CHAOS


    After what happened in Georgia last night and Washington, D.C., today, will we still recognize America in a year?

    Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. CT, Glenn reacts to the “Save America” rally that turned chaotic and urges a more strategic way forward for frustrated conservatives. Plus, Glenn unpacks who is really to blame for the losses and outlines what conservatives must do to stop the dangerous Democratic agenda in the Senate.

    America is at a turning point, and Marxist progressivism is just around the corner. Liberty can still win IF patriots hold peacefully to the Constitution. Guests: BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer live from D.C., Bill O’Reilly, host of “No Spin News,” and BlazeTV host Steve Deace.

    Watch the full show below:

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    Source: The Blaze

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