‘We have to expose the cockroaches’: Chad Prather on child sex trafficking


    Veteran and founder of Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR), Craig Sawyer joined “The Chad Prather Show” to talk about what he is doing to combat the fastest growing criminal enterprise in America: child sex trafficking.

    In his documentary, “ContraLand,” Sawyer shed light on this multibillion-dollar criminal enterprise that is currently operating on American soil. Sawyer and his V4CR team are currently running operations to combat child sex trafficking and so far have a 100% conviction rate. To Learn more, click here.

    Chad expressed a need for Americans to watch “ContraLand,” “no matter how hard it is to watch … watch it anyway.”

    “We have to expose the cockroaches,” Chad added.

    Watch the clip for more details. Can’t watch? Download the podcast.

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    Source: The Blaze

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