‘What an embarrassment’: CNN legal analyst takes aim at Trump impeachment defense — gets First Amendment WRONG


On “The Rubin Report” this week, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin discussed CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers’ embarrassing legal analysis of former President Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights.

During a panel discussion about next week’s Senate impeachment trial, Rodgers took aim at Trump lawyer’s legal arguments that it’s “unconstitutional” to try a former president and that Trump’s remarks at the Jan. 6 rally, which preceded the Capitol Hill riot, was protected by his First Amendment right to free speech.

“Yeah, those are wrong,” Rodgers said of the arguments. “I mean, you don’t have a First Amendment right to lie. You don’t have a First Amendment right to put people in danger. And he did both of those things.”

Dave called Rodgers’ erroneous claim “extraordinary,” noting that “we would all be in jail” if, in fact, the government could punish our fibs with jail time.

“Umm, yes you have First Amendment right to lie. What an embarrassment (and prime purveyor of lies) CNN is,” Dave remarked on Twitter.

Dave also talked about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (D) goal to strengthen the teaching of civics and American values in Texas schools, and Canada’s plans concerning social media censorship and online hate speech legislation.

Watch the episode below:

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Source: The Blaze

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